Development Team Update

Posted December 7th, 2010 in Development by Elliot

Greetings from the Development team! I’m here to update you on what we’ve been busy with. Aside from Kickstarter fulfillment, we’ve been working hard at finalizing our web site, design documents, and purchasing/ramping up on Torque3D. Unfortunately, that last item (engine) is a bit of a bitter sweet situation. We have an engine, but it is no longer going to be supported and is currently looking to be sold off. DON’T PANIC. While this is not an ideal situation, we purchased Torque before this announcement and with the intention of using it to make our prototype. We intend on doing exactly that!   We can still use our licenses and tools and are currently looking at a 6-12 month timeframe for completing the prototype and getting ready to pitch it to publishers.

My job at Abandon Hope Games is to work on our programming, scripting, and all things technical. So far I’ve worked on our start up sequence including an embedded video, as well as the main menu and in game menus. I’ve also been working on getting a physics sandbox together to test out some of the things we want to put in our world – crumbling walls/bridges, explosions, different combination effects for the mixture of elements (fire+wind=Firenado), and such things.  We’ve been thinking about picking up the 3D Action Adventure Kit to cut out a large portion of the work I will have to do to get the in game cameras up to snuff, as well as the perspectives (2.5D), and grappling in the world. Our world builders have been hard at work learning and playing around in torque.  Be sure to check back as we should have some basic terrain and placeholder objects in the world in the coming months.

Thank you all for your continued support and interest. Be sure to check in with us weekly for updates!


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