We Are Not Dead, But We are Neck Deep in Hell.

Posted August 17th, 2011 in Art, Featured by Max

As the title implies, we are not dead and neither is perdition. Presented here are several of our latest model sheets for you to feast your eyes upon. The first of these is the basic Wrath Guard, they are the standard foot soldiers of Dis. Second is the fearsome Wrath Beast, these guys are what happens when a wrath guard loses control and the last scraps of their sense of self. Last up, we have the Tormentor – the terrifying sergeants in this vast host of the damned.

Art Update

Posted December 22nd, 2010 in Art, Featured by Max

Hey Hey, this week’s update is all about art! Patrick and I have been working hard to finalize the concept art prints to send to those of you that contributed on Kickstarter. We would like to share the line work before the watercoloring is done.

Patrick’s image is of the caves and catacombs beneath the city of Dis. These depths are home to the slothful souls and demons hiding from the world above.

My image is of the city of Dis from the opposing bank of the river Styx, where our hero is overlooking his path into the city.

Thanks for viewing.

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~ Max